April 5, 2021: Oh yes: That’s Eve Plumb in a scene from 2013’s stellar indie neo-noir Blue Ruin. Say, did you know that she expresses her noir love in another way? For the past decade or so, Plumb has been painting choice moments from black-and-white noirs that she stumbles upon on TCM. In December I had the pleasure of interviewing her by phone about her noir paintings, and today a good chunk of our talk is posted here in issue 31 of the Noir City e-magazine, in case you’d like to listen in and support a swell cause. (Disclaimer: My intro to the interview was partly rewritten without my consent, so please don’t judge me by its wording. Gotta say, a couple of my questions were rejiggered without my consent as well…)

Oh, and while you’re there, you can read my review of the ravishing Film Noir Style: The Killer 1940s by Kimberly Truhler. It may not convince you to ditch the sweatpants that you (and I) have been wearing since March of 2020, but at least it will make you feel lousy about wearing them.