Some Published Pieces


I became obsessed with Nora Ephron for a while there, and in August of 2013 Salon ran my piece, “The Troubled Marriage That Inspired Nora Ephron,” about her screenwriter parents’ strange partnership (in both senses). This was partly just an excuse for me to watch a lot of old movies, although I stand by the piece.

Los Angeles Review of Books:

I was one of three people tasked with writing about a Judy Blume book for The Los Angeles Review of Books in November of 2012. (Mine is the last essay.) Boy is my daughter going to be pissed when she figures out that I wrote about her.

The Horn Book Magazine:

For a while there I had a column in the Horn Book magazine called “The Beaten Path,” about popular series books for middle graders. This installment, “Ordinary Joes,” from July/August 2005, is about “boy” books (whatever that means).

The Threepenny Review:

My short story “Bad Daddy” appeared in The Threepenny Review in the summer 2001. Click here to view as a PDF.

Ruminator Review:

“I Was a Magnetic Field,” from Ruminator Review, spring 2001, is the sad (not really) story of how the Magnetic Fields went on to fame and glory without me. Click here to view as a PDF.

The Women’s Review of Books:

“Villain or Victim?” is my review (although not my title) of Mia Farrow’s memoir, What Falls Away, published in The Women’s Review of Books way back in October of 1997. I was on Team Mia then, and until further notice, I still am. Click here to view as a PDF.